The essentials at a glance

  • Complete, frame and mold potting
  • Glob Top Encapsulation
  • Epoxy Sealing
  • Potting
  • Dam and Fill
  • Processing of polyurethane, epoxy or silicone potting compounds
  • Clear potting for LED lighting

Why potting?

Potting of electronic assemblies means the partial application of or even complete enclosure within higher-viscosity polymeric casting compounds.

Potting is especially suitable for applications in which electronic assemblies are exposed to extreme stress (climatic as well as mechanical influences).

Determined by the production volume, potting can be done using molds, frames or housings.

Potting compounds are available on a polyurethane, epoxy or silicone basis. We have a huge selection of materials in stock (also clear potting for LED lighting).

Dam and fill scheme
Dam and fill scheme
Frame potting scheme
Frame potting scheme
Potting in housing scheme
Potting in housing scheme


Paul Voinea


Klarer Gehäuseverguss


Clear potting in housing
Clear potting in housing
Complete potting in housing
Complete potting in housing
Partial polyurethane potting
Partial polyurethane potting
Dam and fill
Dam and fill
Frame potting
Frame potting
Mold potting substituting a housing
Mold potting substituting a housing


Design support
Project studies
Process development
Coating specifications
Sampling (VDA Band 2)
Small series
Large series
[incl. traceability]


Polyurethane compounds
Epoxy compounds
Silicone compounds
Different shore hardnesses
Clear potting for LED
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